Wall Eye Candy!

by Mari Robeson

In my little boutique I hand painted each wall. Two walls with a tree and some of my favorite sayings. The two longer walls have a damask stencil that took me an entire week up on scaffolding. That was almost three years ago...can you believe it's almost been three years!!! Every week someone asks me about the walls and how to recreate them. I explain the process but then I tell them about a much easier and inexpensive way to create the same look for more than half the time and dollars it took me. A new surge of artists have appeared on sites like ETSY that are taking their art and making wall decals from them. Vinyl cutouts are inexpensive (usually under $20) and come with a big bang for your buck. On the ETSY site alone there are dozens of resources to help you find your perfect wall art! Below is ETSY artist Leen The Graphics Queen.