The Lesson Of A Rose!

by Mari Robeson

And they're in the mail.... 2 months work of new textile designs for Clothworks Textiles... it's weird thinking they are traveling right now hopefully to a lovely reception in Washington! Although they asked me to put together a collection I'm still not sure if they will sign me on as an artist but I feel very pleased with my presentation to them. We shall see! I'd love to post pics of my boards but out of respect for them and the fun of a "great reveal" I will hold off for now. Ironically, as I was boxing up all my color boards a group of quilters came into my little boutique and gave me some lovely feedback. They even said they would purchase them as soon as they are released so...what can I say but, Yay! Fingers crossed.... now back to designing a restaurant and a kitchen and three houses and, oh ya...those three little girls of mine and a Rainbow Birthday party this weekend for my youngest and club soccer tryouts and.... a million other things.

On a entirely different note, here is a pic of the first rose bloom in our garden...through all the construction building my parents house last year, this little rose decided to push it's way all the way back up and bloom before the other 20 bushes...(A bit of an over achiever!) now that's determination...something we can all work on these days!

And just another thought for those of you still listening to the news... Did you know that more millionares made their fortunes during the great depression than at any other time? There is always hope if you work hard and are determined to bloom!