That Day....

by Mari Robeson in

I like to think I'm a fairly positive person. Considering I have a small retail boutique, you would think that all this negative economy news would totally freak me out. 99% of the time I am able to tune out all the chatter but I have to say...I had "a day"....that it got to me....and it was a very long, yucky day. It was around the holidays and I noticed things had quieted down (which just never happens in my life...) but it was..."That day" I listened to the news and I began to worry...really worry...uggg! Do you know I actually thought to myself, maybe I should just go get a real job instead of this artist gig I've been doing my entire life...well, Thank Goodness, I only allowed myself that one day to have a pitty party... and I learned something very interesting. Here's something I know for sure.

You create your life and that doesn't change no matter what people are telling you. You are in charge.

The next day I awoke a changed person. I made a completely conscious choice to stay positive and work you know from that day on, I have been swamped with projects and some pretty amazing opportunities. Hence the week long dry spell from posting...

I made some very clear goals, wrote them down, and look at them everyday. You can be anything you want to be, achieve any dream you have....turn off the news and know that there are many people out there who are doing quite well and you can be one of them too. This is a new day. The day of the big corporations telling us what to do is over. It's back to one on one, me and you. How very nice!

So the next time you have a quiet day, turn on some music & do your paper work, catch up on stuff you've put off, because the very next day your desk may look like mine... :-)

Fabrics everywhere, (a few of them mine!) kitchen layouts, uploading portfolio pics, selecting furniture for clients, paint colors....etc., etc, etc, happy place!