Keeping It Simple But Full Of Surprises!

by Mari Robeson in ,

Some days you think you have it all planned out and along comes a lovely surprise! Almost everyday but Sunday, I spend my mornings with my clients then I try to spend some time at my boutique, get a work-out in if possible, and then a few more hours of work at I guess it's obvious, I'm a workaholic. Today, my most talented friend, Cindy, just popped in to say Hello...always a pleasure to be with Cindy and a delightful break from all my projects. As we were talking, the conversation went to friendship and living a more simple life. She had 2 things to say, tips, that I just have to share with you! One idea she has for birthday gifts with friends is to share a book that you recently read and fact, it can even be your copy! Why not, right? I loved that idea! The other suggestion she had was to always have your Santa hats in your car because you never know when the perfect family Christmas picture may present itself! Isn't that clever? That way it's done long before December 25th!

We both agreed that we like to celebrate the people in our lives randomly. Not necessarily on a birthday or holiday. Little did I know what Miss Cindy was up to... Cindy gave me the most adorable card (and if you know me, you know I speak with Yummy, Delicious, Lusciousness etc. as my standard descriptions of people and life) that was fantastic as itself but inside was the most thoughtful, the most beautiful gift I have received in a very long time. Cindy made me a custom necklace with the most gorgeous stones. The Pink-A-Licious stone is a Rainbow Ruby Moonstone...DIVINE!!! Wow! I am so touched and blessed by amazing friends like you Cindy...thank you, thank you, thank you!