Blissful Colors!

by Mari Robeson in ,

I'm listening to you and I thank you for sharing with me your ideas and thoughts on design and color. I mentioned I was asked to put together a fabric collection in a past post. As I put the finishing details on the designs I now head into the world of COLOR... Thanks to many of you who email me and pop into my boutique, it seems pretty clear what colors you are looking for. One company I carry here at the boutique has got the whole color thing right on. My heart did a little pitter patter when I opened their latest catalog. I'm loving the rich eggplant, the royal blues, and the pops of yellow. I'm thinking good old green is going to make a come back this season as well. The colors are bright and cheerful, something everyone could use a bit more of these days. I see more and more of my clients loosing their fear of color and it's a wonderful sight to see. Check out these beautiful shots from the new Bliss Catalog. Coming to my store front window next week! Happy weekend everyone... :-)