The Inspired Room!

by Mari Robeson in

Let's see....I have about five Interior Design projects in full swing right now and they are all completely different. This is ideal for me because I like so many different styles. I love the opportunity to get into my clients head and help bring "their vision" to fruition. I actually had one client of mine walk through another house I designed and she turned and said to me, "I don't see any of you here at all." and...that client loves "their" home... Big smile. That's when I know I've done my job right.

Don't get me wrong, I love a project when I'm told I can do whatever I want, but really, a good designer should assist you in bringing forth "your" vision. So, that said, everyone has different ideas on what they want so I am constantly hunting for my clients to bring them resources and ideas that fit their project. One of my favorite blogs to read lately has been The Inspired Room. If you're looking to do a little updating and want some inspiration it's a fun read. I love the way the mirror is treated in this vanity she had posted under beautiful bathrooms. I guess I'm just a glam girl at heart....