Thank You For Your Wings!

by Mari Robeson

My favorite movie of all time is "It's A Wonderful Life". I just love the scene at the end when he realizes that he is surrounded by people who love him and who are there to help him. Last Sunday evening was my 3rd Anniversary of my little boutique. Just like everyone else, I'm not sad to see 2009 end, but something amazing happened to me that night... an awakening....

If you know me, I'm pretty ambitious, always doing some kind of project, go, go, go...this weekend was no different. I was running from one event to another and then to my own. I'm never really sure what to expect at my parties, but events that night moved me deeply. Simple things like my friend Julie who lives in the next city driving out to see me even though she had a dinner party to prepare for...she drove out just to support me. Who does that stuff? (Love you Julie!) Or my amazing friends who teach at Harloe, who have Never missed one of my events and who always shop when they come too. (Love you Traci, Sharon & Kathy!) Or my incredible friend Vera who always seems to be around just when I need help the most. (Vera, your heart is bigger than the ocean! Love you!) Then there were the lovely emails from my friends who just couldn't make it but genuinely shared kind words of support. As the night went on and so many of you came out, I was really touched. From my parents and many of my design clients, I was so very moved by you all. At one point when the shop was so busy I remembered to snap a picture. That's my friend Amanda who brought these beautiful flowers from her new flower shop waving at the door. (Thank you Amanada!)Then to also be able to have two great local artists there, Gwynnie B and Cindy Sassaman, and to be part of their beautiful, creative world was just icing on the cake!

What I learned from it all is that sometimes when life is difficult remember that you are not alone. It's OK to lean on each other. What's that saying? "We each only have one wing but together we can learn to fly." Some times it takes difficulty for us to remember and appreciate the things that are good. I'm going to slow down a bit this season and really enjoy the moments, my kids, my friends, my family and for all of you who loaned me your "wing" this year...thank you because I wouldn't be here without you!

I snatched these up from Cindy "Fluffy Muffin" for my own gift giving!

Oh...and a big Thank You to my husband of almost 19 years. Bill, you are my angel! I love you!