What A Week!

by Mari Robeson in

Jimminy Cricket! What a week! Last week I received some great news that a wonderful e-commerce site wanted to carry all my product. Sooooooooooo exciting!!! So I call my photographer to set up some photo shoots and get ready to send off new designs to my printer, everything is good to go....then, Monday, the email...ugggg....my printer has sold his business and can no longer make my textiles....deep breath....OK I can figure this out... So from Monday night until just now, I have been talking to people all over the world. Very interesting! What I learned from this? Keep an open mind. Just when you think one door has shut, many more open. This week confirmed many things for me and now I'm even more excited about the new product I have I the works! Oh yes, and in between all this, life still goes on...I still have a design business to run. Here is a fun project I designed for some of my favorite clients. This is a playroom for their two sons. We just added this room on and pretty much gutted most of the interior of the house. I love the way it all came out. This is a pretty big wall, about 12', so I designed a frame around 3 bulletin panels that I covered in coordinating fabrics. The boys have lots of artwork! Love that! My client said, "I thought you were just going to put up a board." ha ha...not in my lifetime.... everything is art, even a bulletin board. Have a great weekend everyone!