Super Bowl Sunday Yum!

by Mari Robeson in

Love, love, love Super Bowl Sunday! Yes, the football is always exciting to watch...but come on, we all know it's about the food and the commercials (they're always the best of the year!), right? I always like to try a few new things as well as my "tried and true" favorites. What do you think about these? I was going to make chili but thought this was a fun twist, so I'm going to give this a try. It's from Paula Deen so you know it will be low fat....ya, right.... Chile In A Biscuit Recipe

So now I'm thinking that I need some yummy guacamole and I can across this recipe. I like the idea of individual servings...think I'll put mine in big Martini glasses.

And what would a Super Bowl Party be without a Super Cocktail...think I'll try these Pomegranate Magaritas...sticking with the Mexican theme....Yum!

Have a great weekend and a great party everyone!