Supporting Indie Artists!

by Mari Robeson in

When I opened my little boutique two years ago little did I know I would meet so many talented and wonderful people. You may not know that a big part of my mission is to not only bring my art into the world, but to help other artists SHINE! I have done this by having quarterly Trunk Shows promoting and featuring them and carrying many local Indie Artists in my little shop....but my little mind has been tinkering at the idea of growing this mission statement ecspecially in times like these where I really believe we are going back to the day of helping one another, one friend, one neighbor, one human being at a time with one-on-one conversations and support....BUT - more to come on that as it unfolds. Until then, I want to share with you two amazing jewelry designers who are here at my shop just in time for Valentine's Day! Cindy Arnet of Sienna Grace has new, delicate designs and more of her one her one-of-a-kind necklaces made with vintage pottery pieces and semi-precious stones.


I just met Karyn Seibert of "Message On A Bottle" when she came in shopping one day. Karyn has a unique style of buying jewelry, some vintage, some new, and re-inventing them with her own unique style. Of course I loved her crowns! She also has some beautiful cuffs here that are so unique and quite the rage right now, especially if you watch The Real Housewives Of Orange County (except hers are priced great)!