Teeth & Cars!

by Mari Robeson in

Saturday afternoon and I'm trying to wrap up some old business and have a relaxing evening. Heaven knows I need one! Yesterday was full of crazy events. In the afternoon I received a call from my daughter's school that there was a "little accident" and Chyna chipped *A* tooth. Of course I cancelled all appointments and ran over there to find out..... it was 5 teeth!!!! You know, all the visible front ones, top and bottom! She was so upset and so was I....thankfully my wonderful dentist, Dr. Wakeman in Pismo Beach, came in just to see us. After we took the x-rays, got the *wonderful* news, and scheduled a day to reconstruct her teeth, I ran back down to the boutique to pick up my work....and as I parked, I got hit by a truck! Holy Moly! It was just one of those daysssssssssssssssss......The good news is it's Saturday evening and teeth and cars can be fixed. I hope you all have a less eventful weekend as I did! :-)

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