by Mari Robeson in

On a lighter note to yesterday's post but a bit connected to.... There are a few things I like to do when I'm feeling sad. I love to work in my garden, garden therapy, and I like to make things... I've been working on a new little product line (very excited about!!!!) which of course has to do with my textiles and sewing, so I'm endlessly searching for tips on that. I have always had a fear of sewing but I'm working through it. :-) Anyhow, I came across this delightful blog that shows how to sew these little cupcakes. Do you know I spent a good three hours sewing these little guys? It was mindless fun...but let's just say I have a lot to learn about sewing desserts! I also did these little paintings for a dear friend of mine who had twins a few months ago. I helped her with her nursery design so these are my little finishing gifts to her. I guess we all have our unique ways of processing the sad times in life, creating has always been mine... Enough of that...have a beautiful Wednesday!