More D.I.Y. Sew Easy!

by Mari Robeson in

Soooooo, I think I'm pretty creative, but one of the things that really intimidates me is sewing. My mother is amazing! She makes quilts and drapes and now, even my daughters, run over to her house to have her help them alter their clothes. (Project Runway style of course!) I can kind of sew, it's just that  I never "learned" it  formally, and I really wish I had.  Now that I have a few fabric designs under my belt, I really want to know more. I finally took my first class not too long ago on how to make a tote bag. It was fantastic. Ask me if I remember anything? Absolutely not. But I just came across the most terrific site. She has all kinds of sewing tutorials. I hope you enjoy it as my as I do!  Sew Mama Sew