D.I.Y. With A Little Yellow Paint!

by Mari Robeson in

I love to re-invent. Whether it's a piece of clothing, a handbag, or a piece of furniture, I find joy in taking something that has seen better days and giving it new life. Many of you know my boutique also had a little re-inventing lately. With such a small space it's always a challenge to showcase the beautiful items I carry and also have room to design... So I moved my table to where my desk was and went hunting on Craig's List for some new chairs. Unfortunately, I didn't take a "before shot" of these chairs, but they were your ordinary brown with southwest fabric on the seats. (Yikes!) The shape was beautiful and classic and low and behold, a can of bright yellow spray paint and new fabric on the seat, and you've got a D.I.Y. project anyone can do for under $40!!! So here's my new chairs...but wait...there's more! So my little 9 year old, Rocky, sees the spay paint and asks my husband if she can paint her ballet shoes....OK...how cute is that? Just goes to show you, there's nothing that can't be fabulous!