Sweet Dreams!

by Mari Robeson in

Just when I think I have found them all, I come across another exquisite bedding line that I am so excited to carry at the boutique, Papillon Linens. I'm simply in love with the classic elegance of this line. The mixture of natural materials, cottons and linens, and beautiful embroidery just make my heart sing. No surprise that this line is represented by my same representative of Bella Notte Linens, my other favorite bedding line that makes my heart pound clear out of my chest. (600 thread count, hand died from Italy...purrrrrrrr) Once you have touched and felt this beautiful bedding you can see the value in owning it. I understand that may not be for everyone, but for me I have always strived to surround myself with quality and beauty. Sometimes that meant only having a few items, but I'd rather have a few exquisite items that bring me joy, than a closet full of items I thought I got a good deal on. Simple, elegant design and a houseful of happy people and I'm as content as can be. Sweet Dreams.....M~