On A Personal Note...

by Mari Robeson in

Yup, it’s ture. I have a teenager! 13 years ago I gave birth to the first of my three beautiful little girls, Serena Faith. Of course I still remember it quite vividly…it was a very difficult delivery which ended in a c-section. Even though she was born at 8:31 am, I didn’t get to hold her until 4:00 in the afternoon! I will never forget that moment…ever! I never thought I could love anyone as intensely as when I looked into her big, brown eyes. My heart just melted… I remember the nurse wanting to take her so that I could recover but I cried to hold her 5 more minutes…flash forward 13 years and now I see a beautiful individual who is incredibly artistic, loving, and intelligent…I won’t lie and say 7th grade was a pick-nick because it certainly had it’s tearful moments. As she started to grow up and change her “look”, I fought it every step of the way…(growing up in private school I wasn’t allowed to wear make-up until I was in high school). The morning arguments of “tone down the make up please” always wore on me…then more, she cut her hair and made her own clothes and I watched something crazy happen….other’s began to copy her…she was a trend setter, a visionary…and I finally woke up. (Which is weird that I, an artist, took so long to figure this out. I suppose I was looking for my own peer approval…dumb, I know…) I realized my beautiful daughter is amazing and I have to let her explore her talents. Watch out Project Runway… She has to become the best version of her, not what I think that should be…(believe me, I will still argue the make up), but she is a good person, I mean really good. You would want her to be your bff for sure. She is genuinely happy for her friends and family and doesn’t have a jealous bone in her body. Serena, happy birthday my lovie, I am so proud to be your mother… thank you for teaching me a new way of thinking! This is Serena’s cake that her super, fabulous dad made for her… (don’t even get me started on how fantastic HE is) strawberry and vanilla, with black candles of course.