An Inspired Victorian!

by Mari Robeson in

Finally, a little quite time to many things going on right now!!! My goodness!! I am so fortunate to work on such diverse projects...! My friend Cindy, fantastic jewelry designer and down right incredible woman, came into the boutique this week to discuss her new jewelry line launching at our May 2nd Spring Celebration Party... Here's what she says to me... "When I feel like my plate is way too full and I'm doing too much, I think of you Mari, and I feel much better!" Compliment? ha ha, no, truth.... what can I say? She's right.... so just when I think running a boutique, designing a restaurant, a house in Edna, a remodel in Corbett Canyon, a Spa in...Paradise..., several little kids rooms, new product ya...and those three little girls of mine and that incredible husband who helps keep us all together and then some (for sure I found the best guy out there)...
I get a phone call...
"Mari, could you please help me pick the colors for my Victorian? Oh, and they're ready to paint Monday."
I should say "I'm sorry but I simply can't take that on right now.", right?
The thing is, I just adore this woman...she is a former professional dancer back in the day with the likes of choreographer, George Balanchine and dancer, Mikail Barishnakov...we're talking the New York City Ballet here.... how could I say no?
So here's my challenge. I have until Monday morning to create a color palette for this great home. She has given me this incredible hand woven sweater inspired by Monet's garden paintings...and I have to apply it to this house... I'll let you know what happens!
Side note here...I do have wonderful help from my beautiful and talented niece, Shaunah... and tomorrow I won't work, I'll play with my kids, play in my garden, and eat some delicious home made lasagna!!! Balance...right? Have a beautiful weekend!
VictorianBefore.jpg Sweater.jpg