Thank You!

by Mari Robeson in

Another crazy week closes with a fantastic turn out at last night's Trunk Show! It always overwhelms me how lovely this little town is and how supportive they are of the local arts. We have so many unbelievably talented people living here pursuing their passion...Since I opened my boutique, a little over a year ago, I have had the opportunity to meet and showcase many wonderful women entrepreneurs. Last night, Kelci Gonzalez of Crafty Mama Creations really shined! (as I knew she would) and a very special THANK YOU to Krista Provolt of Creative Cake Designs, who made the most adorable cupcakes and divine chocolate cake! Many people commented on her fantastic presentation... I just love when these artist make me look good!!!
(Sad, sorry, side note: I left my camera at a clients house last week, so I have hardly any pictures but you can see some pics on Kelci's blog. I think Shaunah took some of the fantastic cupcakes which I'll post later this weekend)
Someone who did take lots of pictures was Miss Jenny of Live Artfully Magazine which I have been given a great honor to write for in the spring edition! Much more to come on that and the creative visionary, Jenny, who recently started the magazine, which is destined for greatness! Wait until you see how beautiful it is!!! I highly recommend subscribing!
That's it for now...have a creative weekend! Do something you love today!