It's Out! My Little Boutique In Romantic Homes!

by Mari Robeson in ,

Humbled, flattered, excited, thankful! I was totally surprised to hear my article was out yesterday. I had not expected it until May, but apparently "May" in magazine talk means "April"...what do I know???, regardless, I feel very grateful that my little boutique received such a lovely write-up in this months (well next months) "May", Romantic Homes!!! The entire issue is full of yummy delights and fantastic gift ideas for Mom!
Thank you Robin for taking such beautiful pictures of the boutique! Thank you Meryl Schoenbaum for writing such a nice article. You were a pleasure to work with! And a special thanks to Hillary Black and Jacqueline deMontravel who were so easy to communicate with and made my entire experience with Romantic Homes one I will always cherish!!!! RomanticHomesCoverBlog.jpg