Happy Spring!

by Mari Robeson in

I'd like to say I'm back to posting a little more often than the past 2 weeks... fingers crossed...! Last week was back to back, minute by minute, projects, meetings, and events...I'm not complaining, actually, quite the opposite. I feel so blessed to be working on some incredible projects with some fantastic people. Demolition has begun at Rosa's (wonderful Italian restaurant in Pismo Beach, CA). One of the first things I wanted to do when asked to design the new space was to move the bar to the center of the restaurant and raise the ceiling in the back banquet room. As I write this, new framing is going up in those areas. I'm very excited about this projects as I love to design restaurants and the owners are incredibly kind people! I'll post pics on that project next week!
This past week was a big one too because we were able to complete my parents house for them. Let's just say I love designing and building things but I truly dislike moving! Here's a typical day last week; get up at the crack of dawn, get girls to school, go to office, go to meetings, open boutique, pick up girls from school, help parents move, go back to boutique and work some more, go to daughter's softball game, come home, help parents some more, cook for children, (OK that's a lie, Bill does all the cooking. I'm just the prep chef!) work all night, fall asleep in kitchen chair...Wake up - do it again! So, it's easy to say I am quite happy to have that project completed!
I am grateful and feel blessed because at the end of the day I can say I gave it my all and I get to kiss goodnight to three little magical people. They are my loveys and the entire reason why I do all that I do. Do you think Chyna has enough stuffed animals sleeping with her?
ChiSleeping.jpg This past week I also received some yummy jewelry from two very different artists. These earings and necklaces are so sweet and selling fast!
TainaHartmanEarings.jpg Spring is here and Mother's Day around the corner. It's a great time to stock up! Happy Easter everyone! May you enjoy your loved ones and lots of chocolate!