Blik My Crib!

by Mari Robeson in ,

Spring is in the air! The hills are a magnificent shade of green (my new favorite design color) and it seems like everyone I know has begun their spring cleaning and spring planting! Bill and I are still building our garden fence (because I'd actually like to enjoy the flowers and fruit instead of letting the deer have such a feast)...but it seems like my little project will have to wait just a little longer. That's OK though, because we have finally finished my parents house!!! Yay! OK - not completely done but we are hoping to be signed off by this that means a little more time to actually plant some flowers! I'm so excited about it. Speaking of spring flowers, I've been helping a lovely client with her daughter's nursery. She wanted me to paint a silhoutte tree on the wall like the one I did in my boutique but then I found this! I've written about Blik before but since then they have really expanded their design selection. It's a fantastic solution, that's inexpensive and has a big design Wow! (I just put the chandelier in here because I think it's rad!) Off to pick up the girls...happy day everyone!
Blik3.jpg Blik2.jpg