Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart!

by Mari Robeson in

Sunday morning, a cup of coffee, and finally a free moment to properly thank all of the wonderful people who donated their beautiful gifts and donations to Brighten A Corner. Last Sunday I had the very humbling experience of dropping off all your delicious goodies at the job site. I was so impressed with how Robin and her crew completely remodeled a home for a family of 6. Two parents, one older sibling and three newborn triplets. The two story house had to encompass several functions which was successfully achieved by, what I call, thoughtful design. As I pulled out one donation after another it was no easy task to keep from crying (big surprise to those of you who know me) but even the people I didn't know were in tears. So with no further ramblings, let me thank you properly.
To Karla from Sugar Bear Designs who made a beautiful treasure box for the girls. Robin, said she had been looking for the perfect place to store memories of the baby that passed away, and when she saw Karla's Treasure Box she knew she had found what she was looking for. Thank you Karla for creating something so special!Karla%20Treasure%20Box.jpg
To a new found blogging friend, who is so talented it blows my mind, Karin from Creative Caos who made not one, or two, or even three, layettes and burp cloths and blankets, but so many divine treasures we just couldn't believe it. I wish I could have taken a better picture of the exquisite hang tags she put on the items as well. Opening her box at my boutique was like looking into heaven. When they saw these items at the project, everyone cried! Thank you Karin!Creative%20Chaos%20Goodies.jpg
To my new and very talented friend from Crafty Mama Creations who has all her fabulous goodies at my boutique, Miss Kelsi, for making a terrific, one-of-a-kind, diaper bag. Thank you Kelsi!Crafty%20Mam%20Bag.jpg
Now this one really touched my heart. This is a very special thank you to Jenny all the way from Texas. I have never met Jenny but somehow she found my blog and read about this project. She took it upon herself to create a beautiful diaper bag and set of burp cloths. I'm so overwhelmed to find such kind and lovely people. Thank you Jenny for being the kind of person we should all aspire to be.Jenny%20Bag.jpg
To my vendors that I contacted that didn't hesitate to donate some of there fantastic product. The very talented girls, Lynn and Marta, at Baby Bella Maya who sent 3 beautiful plush, designer blankets, and darling booties in an array of colors...Thank YOU!!!!Baby%20Bella%20Maya%20Booties.jpg
And to another one of my most favorite vendors at Patricia Ann Designs who so thoughtfully sent over some changing pads and yummy burp cloths. Thank you Shelley!!Patricia%20Ann%20Goodies.jpg
And to my good friend Kimberly and my neighbors, Ed and Liz, who donated a very generous amount of money...thank you from the bottom of my heart. And my good friend, Cindy, for donating diapers, which you know with three little ones is a much appreciated gift! And to Carol, and Helen, and Danielle who all offered to help as well!!! Thank you!!!
Last but not least, my ultra creative friend, Christine from Christine Mason Miller (and several other fantastic sites worth adding to your favorites lists) who bought a matching lamp and had it sent directly to the project site last week. Thank you so much Swirly Girl !!!
I hope I haven't left anyone out but if I have please email me. I want to close with thanking Robin. Who walked in my boutique one day full of life and energy and excitement about her project. Meeting her has been one of the biggest gifts of all to me. By sending out one email I became the recipient of something so amazing. I got to witness people at their most generous best. Each day the packages would arrive, one by one...all I could do was cry because I was so touched by your actions. If everyone could do just one small kind act as this, we really would have an amazing thank you Robin, for bringing that goodness to my attention...May you all be blessed ten times over. Me%20%20Robin.jpg To view project pictures of the before and after you can
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