A Few Changes Are A Coming....

by Mari Robeson in ,

Ahhh...a deep sigh of relief....this year is coming to a close and I've had a little time off to reflect on things like family and business... as much as it was a good year, it certainly had it's challenges as well. I know I'm not alone in saying that I'm looking forward to 2009!

After spending a good two hours reading some of my favorite blogs I've realized that it's time for a little facelift. Next year I'll be doing things a little bit differently which I hope will be to your approval and liking. I'll be adding a new Shop as well as lots of creative projects you can do yourself. Of course I'll still be talking about Design and Entertaining but my goal is to give you more content you can use and enjoy!

Below: I've been playing with my new Cherry Fabric and coming up with different tote patterns. This purse pattern, however, is by Amy Butler. I really like the pattern but feel the strap is a little long which makes the body of the purse buckle a bit when wearing it. I also don't care for the velcro closure and think I would use a magnetic snap. I'd love to know what you're looking for in patterns and/or if you have any you'd like to share! Happy creating!