Great Christmas Gift Find On ETSY!

by Mari Robeson in

It's been a crazy few days hasn't it...last minute shopping, baking, and crossing off items on an endless To Do list! I'm always so pleased to shop locally and support my friends with their businesses but their were just a few things I could only find on line. My 13 year old daughter, Serena, has an incredible sense of design about her so I listen closely to what she deems to be "Hot". She mentioned to me she likes diamonds...OK not the rock kind thank goodness...(I'm sure that will change a few years from now), but she likes the "graphic" of a diamond shape. So I went on ETSY to shop my favorite Indie Designers and came across Untamed Menagerie, a mother and daughter team. They had a fantastic acrylic laser cut diamond necklace like this butterfly below. I ordered it and received it 2 days later...and I really love it. I know Serena will be surprised and love it too!