Maura Daniel Magic!

by Mari Robeson in

OK...are you ready? Because the Holidays are upon us! I can tell because I haven't had time to post for over a week. :-) Luckily, I'm working on some really great projects right now so the added holiday events are actually something I'm looking forward to! One of those projects is a gorgeous Spanish home I've been working on for a while...this place is TO-DIE-FOR! Not only that, but the owners are an adorable young family who are not afraid to take risks and to be on the cutting edge of design. It's just heaven for a designer! Right now I'm working on the kids rooms, a little boy 2 1/2 years old and a little 8 year old girl. These are the light fixtures I've selected for them from Maura Daniel. Both rooms are full of color. I will definitely post pictures of this project when completed. Actually 2009 will have lots of pictures and updates!