Stop & Smell The Roses!

by Mari Robeson in

I have to admit I have been a bit absent it the Murphy's Law or what? These past two weeks have just been loaded with wacky events! It started exactly two weeks ago when my husband got really sick...(the day after Chyna chipped 5 teeth and I had a little fender bender!!!) for the first few days we thought it was food poisoning, as the week passed he got worse and worse because actually it was a Ruptured Appendix....for goodness sakes! So we spent the past week in the hospital....uggggg!!! Although it's just been one thing after another, I am an eternal optimist, I feel this has been a wake up call. When you are faced with a hurt child and a very sick gets put into perspective real fast. All the little things you take for granted become appreciated on an entirely new level. When Bill could finally walk (like down the corridor hooked up to an iv) we took a stroll through the halls (that were in grave need of some serious decor) and we stepped outside into the courtyard. I will never forget how amazing it felt to take a deep breath of the fresh air and either will he. Why are hospital rooms void of fresh air and color and good food???? When we finally got him home all the roses were in bloom. I never have enjoyed them as much as I did that day. Luckily, through much support, prayers and love from family and freinds, everyone is finally healing...I am so incredibly thankful to all of you who brought dinners and watched the girls, sent cards, came to visit and my incredible mom who did my laundry all week....she's going straight to heaven!! Thank you everyone, all your prayers and good thoughts have touched our hearts deeply!!!!

Now, if I could only find my cell phone that has been missing since Thursday! Is anyone else having this crazy of a month?