Jenni B Originals!

by Mari Robeson in

I love the entire blog world...the downside is you can literally spend way too many hours cruising around to amazing websites, but the upside is all the new and lovely friendships that are created. A lovely gal named Jenni commented on my blog, which then I went to check out her blog, which I fell in love with, which then led to calling her and a great conversation on sharing stories of living a creative life... What a talented and creative woman! Jenni makes faux food that is unbelievably real much so that she was invited to be on Martha's Show! Anyhow, I just had to share this with you. I will be launching my own "Dessert" line (deliciously yummy baby and home accessories) late November...I have a sneeky feeling you'll be seeing a little bit of Jenni's tasty treats along side!!! Check out Jenni's great site here! Mmmm...makes me hungry!