Introducing The Talented Shaunah!

by Mari Robeson in

As some of you know, I actually own two businesses. You most likely know me from one of them, either from my boutique that specializes in nurseries and exquisite bedding lines or from my Interior Design work under WM Design Consultants. I've been really blessed the past few years to design some of the most beautiful homes in the area, as well as, Palazzo Giuseppe's in San Luis Obispo and recently, Rosa's restaurant in Pismo Beach. As the projects grew I knew I would need some help. I feel very fortunate to have my niece, Shaunah, on board for over a year now. I know she looks like she's 16 but she's actually a tiny bit older than that. Shaunah graduated with a BS Degree in Interior Architecture from UC Davis. She is young and hip and right on the pulse of design. Don't let her gorgeous appearance fool you (now I'm the embarrassing Aunt talking), this gal is smart and extremely good at Interior Design! Below, I've asked Shaunah to give one of her design tips...the first of many to come! Just know, if you're looking for a little design advice don't be shy to ask either one of us. We love what we do and we would love to help you! Shaunah's DIY Design Tip!

To create a classy, yet subtle look of vertical or horizontal stripes on the walls of a room, the trick is in the paint color and finish.  Rather than picking two different paint colors, just decide on one color you are in love with. Have it mixed in a semi-gloss finish and then again in a high-gloss finish with some white added in to tint it just a couple shades lighter than the original color (make sure you have enough of this second color mixed to complete the entire room, as it may be hard to match it exactly if you run out). This will give the stripes only a subtle contrast from each other, but enough to make a noticeable impact. First paint the entire room in the semi-gloss base color. After it dries, tape off your stripes; I recommend stripes that are no thinner than 10" in width and no thicker than 16", larger stripes for a larger scale room, and smaller stripes for a smaller room. Now you are ready to fill in every-other stripe with your high-gloss tinted color. The result is a sophisticated and unique wall treatment that is certain to add a bit of glamor to any room! 

*Helpful tip for creating crisp lines between your stripes: After taping off the outlines of your stripes over the base color, take a small brush or roller and paint over the edges of the tape with same color you just applied to the walls. This will seal the edges of the tape and ensure that none of the high-gloss top coat will leak underneath to create an uneven line.