A Plea For Your Help!

by Mari Robeson in

What a crazy, whirlwind trip to San Francisco, driving in the pouring rain...uggg! I'm surprised I didn't snap my steering wheel in half for as hard as I was gripping it! Regardless, the trip to SF International Gift Show was fantastic! I picked up two new, very different jewelry lines, some incredible and very whimsical decor, and new bedding and bath lines as well...(More about the show later when all those yummy items come into the boutique!) Onto something I am requested a little help for... Before I left town a lovely gal named Robin came into my shop. She told me about her ministry...she is kind of like "Extreme Home Makeover" for the Central Coast. She told me a story of a little family that is struggling to make ends meet and to provide for their 3 little girls (triplets! there were 4 but sadly one little one left us).
Having three daughters of my own, and quite a sap at that, I promised to help her the best I could...
which leads me to You. They are looking for bedding and decor for the little girls room. The 3 babies will sleep in a queen size bed they are making into a custom crib. I asked why and she said because that was what they had to work with...do you see where I'm going with this? If this story stirs your heart and you have something, anything you can donate...fabric, bedding, wall decor, clothing or the million other things babies need...or if there is a service you can provide like sewing or painting...I know you will be blessed ten fold. If you are local, you can drop items off at the boutique...Tuesday - Saturday 11:00-5:00, or email me and we'll figure something out. You can read about this great organization on their website: Brighten A Corner BrightenACorner.jpg