The Quest For The Perfect Fabric!

by Mari Robeson in ,

So part of why I haven't posted so much lately is because I've been busy working on a little project that is very dear to my heart. During my days I get to work on so many very interesting design projects with many lovely people but at night I work on what I call my "Heart" project. This has been the development of my new fabric line. Throughout the past year I have had many people come into the boutique asking if I had a certain fabric...most of the time I can find what they need, but there have been enough times now where that perfect finish piece just didn't exist or it did and is now out of production. So through much time and research I have found a way to make custom fabric for my clients. The beauty of it all is the marriage of my graphic design background with my interior design that I do everyday. I'm very excited to say I will be testing out my new designs within the next two months! Until then...In my research to find beautiful fabric I came across Joel Dewberry. Produced by the same company that makes Amy Butler fabrics, I think his designs are fresh and hip. You can check out his website here. Joel DewberryJoelDewberryFabric.jpg