All In A Week's Time!

by Mari Robeson in ,

This may be a bit challenging to write...homework, spelling words, Shaunah on the phone, Serena on her phone, Chyna talking to me...a typical night at the Robeson house. So many conversations, so many cute stories of the day... We're back from Vegas and catching up on loads of laundry and right back into the swing of things. The ABC (All Baby & Kid's) Expo was fantastic! Here are a few pictures of my booth as I was setting up. I shared with "I Lite 4 U" chandeliers and a few pieces from "Villa Bella Furniture". We met so many great people and I'm so happy to say my art will be in some of the most divine boutiques in the country! Yae! Thanks to my very wonderful friend and rep., Crystal Schachter!!!!
OK on a silly note, while we were there, the MTV Video Music Awards were going on and Vegas was full of celebrities. It seemed like everywhere we went we ran into someone fun...the back-up dancers for Justin Timberlake in the elevator, Stedman (hope I spelt that right - Oprah's boyfriend!) at the Mandalay Bay, and Josh Stone sang for a sound check by our pool...just to name a was surreal...
On the home front, we left for a week and came back to Walls! and a smashed entry gate...all the joys of construction!
Vegas2.jpg Vegas4.jpg Vegas1.jpg MonforteHouse1Sept1307.jpg MonforteCottage2Sept1307.jpg