Trunk Show Today!!!

by Mari Robeson in

Two more hours and counting...I wish I had slept last night (and the night before)...still, I'm really looking forward to today's Trunk Show! Colleen (yummy jewelry designer) and I set up this table yesterday...OK, wait, I got busy with the boutique and Colleen set up the whole table by herself. Reesa ( Partea Planner) would have laughed at how long it took us to figure out how to make a rectangular table cloth fit a round table...(that was the lack of sleep thing). The Sparx Soy Candles from my friend Ally are DI-VINE! I'm burning Gardenia right now and it's simply heavenly! I'm going to really try to remember to take pictures this time!!! This week was crazy busy. We just got back from the San Francisco Show right into all my design projects and today's Trunk Show...I'm pretty sure I'm going to sleep like a rock tonight! Happy weekend everyone! If you're local, please come by today!!!
Aug07TrunkShow2.jpg Aug07TrunkShow1.jpg ColleenJewelryAug07.jpg