Lots Of Little -and- Big Updates!

by Mari Robeson in

Definitely a bit challenging trying to write this with my little 8 year old staring at me saying, "Mom, Mom...". Now she's reading this and scolding me...what's a working mom to do?

To start with some exciting news is Shanauh's HERE!!!!! I'm so happy, we're so happy, that she's here...just in the nick of time with some major design projects going on right now....more about that to come...

On a personal level, the house we are building for our parents hit a small bump in the road which halted things for a few days. So as you can see not much of a change from the last pictures I posted. Things are moving smootly now and hopefully we can pour footings next week. We've certainly been blessed with the weather. It's been simply gorgeous lately.

On a new note, here is a little project I have taken on. My friend, Pacha, an amazing mixed media artist, has created a new movement. Basically, a canvas painting is started and then passed to another artist unitl the painting is deemed complete. Photos are taken every step of the way and in the end the painting is sold with the money going to charity. How fantastic is that??? The canvas I wanted has already moved on so I am starting a new one. If any of you would like to add to it, contact me and I will send it to you. You can read more about it on her site: www.HolonicArts.com.

Also, exciting news!!! I just saw the preview of Central Coast Magazine. I was asked to be a contributing writer and wrote a feature story for the Home & Garden section. It should be out later this week!!!