Bla Bla and Banter!

by Mari Robeson in

Last weekend I helped a lovely lady put together a fun centerpiece for her daughter's baby shower. We took a bucket from the Gifted Pail and filled it with diapers and one of my most favorite Bla Bla monkey dolls named Lollie. It really came out cute. The sweetest thing was I received a very kind phone message after the event from her and how her daughter just loved it. (Don't you just love when people take the time to do that?) Before she left I took a picture of it....I cleaned up the picture to post and was laughing at what a mess my desk was that I did a silly commentary on what the picture really looked like pre-PhotoShop. Let's be real here.
On a totally different topic I have to write about my evening last night. I work so much that I rarely get out and do anything fun, let alone sneak away for a glass of wine with my girlfriends! So last night was a real treat. I met my friends: Dawn (former neighbor and one of the kindest most gentle souls on this earth), Terri (also a neighbor, running buddy, generous, kind, and sparkly spirit), and new friend Cindy (amazing talent, caring, genuine and beautiful). Mind you, these are all successful women with remarkable children and husbands too, but I have to tell you there were certainly moments in our conversation that could have been scripted right out of Sex In The City. (Did I really write that?) Although it was just a short visit, it was extremely uplifting. I am so blessed to have such great friends....I left realizing that I have to make more moments like that in my life...all work and no play....makes me...grumpy. :-)
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