Mirror, Mirror On The Wall!

by Mari Robeson in

We headed down to Santa Barbara this weekend. (see fountain - so Santa Barbara!) I absolutely adore it there. The weather was beautiful and I was excited to pay my respects to my favorite stores on State St. I was really excited to see a new addition to State. There was a new Betsy Johnson store there all dressed in pink. Pink walls, pink chintz, pink roses...it was fantastic. Down the block I had to run in to Anthropologie and check out all the new displays. I've said it before, their visual merchandisers are insanely amazing! Of course I had to go into Z Gallerie which is where I fell in love with a particular mirror that I want to purchase for a restaurant remodel that I'm doing. If not, it's going in my own home...I went to the website and it wasn't there....but how fabulous is this!!! I took a picture in the store. There's never really a day off when you do what I do...I'm always hunting for ideas and for my clients...but how fun is that?
SB.jpg ZGalleryMirror.jpg