Wear Your Crown!

by Mari Robeson in

For Mother's Day I can't think of a more appropriate gift than one of my signature crown pins. I actually have a special one for MOM just in time for Mother's Day. Each one of my crown pins comes beautifully wrapped in my pink box and gift bag. It's quite a presentation! The card I wrote says:
You've Earned Your Crown If: You Give Thoughtful Introductions, You Write Thank You Notes, You Work Hard, You Love Children, You Teach Patiently, You're A Good Friend, You Sing Loudly, You Dance For Fun, You Smile At Others, You Volunteer, You Love Animals, You Accept Challenges Gracefully, You Turn Problems Into Opportunities, You Do The Best You Can, You Never Say Can't, You Share Your Gifts With The World!
This is kind of my manifesto in life and I always feel so proud when I see someone wearing one of my crown pins. It means someone thinks they are really great and special...we all need appreciation now and then and this is such a simple, yet powerful way to show someone you care about them...that's a lot of bang for $10!
I carry other crowns that do not say MOM too... So that's Mother's Day Gift Idea #1! More to come...
Crownpackaging.jpg Mom Pin.jpg PointedCrownPin.jpg WideCrownPin.jpg