Yuppy Puppy Fools Them All!

by Mari Robeson in

Miss Karla, your comment reminded me to tell a funny story.... As you may know my friend Karla makes the most yummy dog treats that are available at http://www.yuppypuppypawtisserie.com. Last April 1st (April Fools Day) we had some friends over for a cook out. Julie and Scott are two of our most loved friends. They are both Dr's and avid athletes. In my mud room (standard entrance for family and close friends) I had a few of Karla's Puppy Lollypops. This is where Julie saw the "rose on raw hide" one. She and others, all agreed it would be a funny idea to give it to Scott. (Mind you, Karla did tell me that people can eat them too). Well, Miss Karla, he enjoyed every bite of it...even when half way through we told him what it was....Definitely one of the better April Fools Tricks I've seen in a long time!yuppypuppy.jpg