Cherry Blossoms In The Air!

by Mari Robeson in ,

I've been working on a lot of new art lately. In designing children's rooms with the House, Inc. bedding line, I started to realize that there is no existing wall decor that looks beautiful with it. One of my client's asked me to do a piece around the Cherry Blossom room that we designed, so I did, and here it is. I chose to do it 16" × 20" because this is a very nice size for a child's wall. It's on canvas and has tiny crystals glued inside each white blossom. Each piece can be personalized too! I carry all the House, Inc. line in my showroom and have been creating the wall decor to go with it. I'm leaning towards a more sophisticated graphic like the one I did here so that it can be a peice of art that will have the longevity to work even as the child grows. PS Cherry Blossoms are the symbol of a new beginning....I just love that.

houseinc.jpgCherry Blossom Painting.jpg