Christmas in March?

by Mari Robeson in ,

I got to my showroom today and my neighbor handed me a Fed Ex box....from who? I thought...As I opened the box I could see bright pink tissue and ribbon....Not my birthday? Not Christmas? and who the heck do I know that lives in New Hampshire? Then inside, a beautiful little business card that says; "Thank You" on one side and a darling picture of a cut out letter on the other was from my friend, I have yet to meet, Deb Damboise, all the way from the other side of the country....inside each precious little package were samples of her cut letters.... Of Course I Will Have To Carry Her Letters In My Showroom! I'm feeling a fun class is in order as well. What an artistic inspiration!!! Thank you Deb!!! http://damboisedesigns.blogspot.comcutletters.jpg