My Aha Moment!

by Mari Robeson in

A few years ago I found myself contimplating my contribution to the world. I would think thoughts like, "I'm just an artist, what good does that bring to the world? I should join the peace corps or be a doctor or an environmentalist and protest to save the world..."
This was when Bill and I were building our house. We had to temporarily rent a home, that temporary stay turned into a nine month stint. Although I tried to make it comfortable for my little family, I never unpacked our books or paintings or anything of was minimalist living. After about four weeks I noticed how depressed we were all getting...that's when I had my "Aha! Moment." I realized that my job as a designer in creating beautiful spaces really did changes how we go out into the world...and I was happy about that and thankful for that gift. From white walls to a home full of color, I finally got it, but there was more...I wanted to be able to share my excitement and love of life through my art as well. Over the years I've been told that I insire people. Truth is, I think I just genuinely listen and care for people. To inspire is to be "in Spirit". The person feeling inspired is feeling that from their own Spirit not necessarily me...but what I do know for sure, is that it is very important to be kind to everyone you meet beacuse when you are, it always comes back to you...My friend Karla, who I have never met in person, has just posted on her blog about how we met via HGTV. Her words are so flattering and kind they made me cry. Truth is, I have been lucky to know Karla and I sincerely hope we can meet one day. Remember, life goes fast, make it your mission to bring your gifts into the world. They are unique to you and whether it is to be an artist or a scientist, it matters. Thank you Miss Karla for the very lovely words...much, much success to you in living your dreams! Have a great weekend everyone! To read Karla's sweet blog entry click