The Process!

by Mari Robeson in

I can tell the design process has begun when I wake up in the middle of the night with my concepts flooding my mind. To update you, I am re-designing my daughter's bedroom. They are 7 and 8 years old and are ready to move out of Princess Pink into something a little more bold and graphic. We all agreed that we liked the "Lantern Festival" bedding from and we are using that as our inspiration. If you know me, I have no fear of color but I don't want to be too crazy in the room because it is supposed to be a restful place. I do, however, believe that one wall could certainly pop. What I'd like to do is paint one wall a deep shade of pink or Chinese blue and then hand paint in a white silhouette, lanterns and birds. Of course this idea will have to be approved by my two star clients first of all...more to come...PS I now carry the KuKuNest bedding line in my showroom too! kukuondesk.jpg