Design Challenge Update!

by Mari Robeson in

A few months ago I received a Design Challenge regarding a child's playroom. Through a series of entries I addressed the challenges of the room and offered solutions. The best way to tackle any space is to figure out what the space needs to function as and then create stations, if you will, to address each of those needs. In this case we needed an area for storage, a place to watch TV and read books, art display and a homework station. I am so impressed with the desk they made!!!! I gave them the directions and they executed the task like pros! Here is what Lesley had to say in her email to me:
"Hi Mari!
I am finally emailing you pictures of the playroom. I kept waiting for it to be 'complete' but I realized it will take forever, so here it is 'so far'! The kids really love it and it is great to have all toys out of my living room! Tom and I are so proud to tell everyone we actually made the desk :)
Thank you so much for all the ideas, it really turned out wonderful.