Yuppy Puppy Yum!

by Mari Robeson in

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. I know I did. I actually slept for 15 hours Saturday night and woke up a new person. Who knew the benefits of sleep? :-)
I am so proud of my friend, Karla Natale, who has just launched her new on-line business http://www.yuppypuppypaw.com!!!!! How adorable are these yummy puppy treats? I'm thinking if they were in my house my husband or I would end up eating them! Good thing I only have a cat... but Karla knows I'm a dog-friendly showroom (I always have yummy treats for the 4 legged friends among us) so I know I will have to place an order ASAP! You should too! My hats off to Karla for pursuing a passion and creating a business. When you live your dream, life takes care of you.