Color Vibe 2007!

by Mari Robeson in ,

I think I've just died and gone to heaven. Anthropologie never disappoints. If you are ever able to visit one, it's almost always an out of body experience. Their visual design team is outstanding. These sofas are fantastic! I love the mix of the old and new. Color, color....that's the vibe of 2007. Mix it with black gloss.....grrrrrrr....yummy! I have to smile at that because about a year ago when I designed the interiors of Palazzo Giuseppe's (a restaurant in San Luis Obispo) everyone gave me so much hardship because all my trim was black gloss...:-)
Moving on to tonight. Top Design on Bravo. I really hope they take these designers out of the Pacific Design Center and make them shop in the real world. My goodness, they are in LA. I'm sadly disappointed with the show but hopefully they'll prove me wrong tonight. Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!