Gee Gee Gorgeous!

by Mari Robeson in

My showroom is such a fun and creative experience but my design projects are starting to pile up, so back to business of design! I'm currently working on a restaurant remodel...way fun! well as a women's clothing boutique in need of some dire, design direction. Starting off with the window display, (it's my first area to tackle), so I've been looking for interesting panels to delineate the space between the store and the window. In my research I came across these beautiful, water-cut felt panels that are custom made by UK artist, Selina Rose. This design is called "Gee Gee" appropriately named after the frolicking horses. What's appealing is that the cut-out can be done on your choice of materials, ie.; wood, metal, rubber, etc. I love designers like Selina. She is taking textile design to an entirely new level. Kudos!