Design Complete!

by Mari Robeson in ,

Happy Tuesday! I'm here a little late at the boutique this evening because the most lovely new mom, grandmother, and aunt just came in. We put together a beautiful crib set for her new little girl. The really exciting part of the design is something new that I have ventured into. I am now able to produce custom fabrics and I am very excited about all the possibilities that surround that! Here is a rough design we tested. I'm very happy with the quality of reproduction and the back to my lovely clients that just came in. We were missing one fabric that would pull the entire concept together. That's when a light bulb went off and I said, "How about I design you that missing fabric?" In this case it turned out to be some pink and brown dots. "Viola" Design Complete! Yay!
Also, here's a delayed, but pretty funny Halloween picture of me and my yummy husband...I mean Frankenstein. OH! All you moms out there have got to watch this video clip....It's awesome and totally hilarious!
FabricDesignBirds.jpg MeBillHalloween07.jpg