Black & White Trend In Decor!

by Mari Robeson in ,

So this is kind of a happy coincidence... Just as I had posted these pictures of one of my black and white paintings an article in Kid's Today just came out about the black & white trend in decor. The happy part of that was they included my art in the article! It's informative content that points to several manufacturer's that have followed suite on this design trend and worth reading if you are considering that palette for an up and coming design project. One of my favorite manufacturers at the ABC Expo last fall, that was also highlighted in the article, is Whistle and Wink bedding. The designer, who used to work for Pottery Barn, rencently launched Whistle and Wink as her new collection. I think it's clever and beautiful. You can read the Kid's Today article here. Hope to see you at the Parade!
KidsToday.jpg WhistleWink.jpg