Ramblings On Fabrics & Food!

by Mari Robeson in

Wednesday afternoon, working at the boutique. Drawing new fabrics designs, thinking about food....good food...Thanksgiving food! Which makes me thing of desserts...I Love desserts...um, yum! So I sidetrack, and on one of my favorite websites looking for an apron pattern (to make aprons with my own fabric...oooooh so tingly inside) when I come across food, because that's all I can think about today...and I come across these darling patterns to make faux cakes....which leads me to some of the most fantastic posts I've seen lately on these talented women who can make delicious looking treats out of fabrics. You can check out my friend Karla's blog and see what the talented Natasha made for her recently! So just for some silly Thanksgiving fun maybe you'll be inspired to make your own fabric treats. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am so Thankful for YOU! Check out Repo Depot Fabrics for patterns.Aprons.jpg ChocCake.jpg Pastry.jpg