Paper White Delight!

by Mari Robeson in ,

I have to say Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I don't rest often, but on Sunday I definitely move a little slower. I just walked through Mom and Dad's house and feel very happy at how quickly things are moving along, although they may not think so. I always warn my clients when they are about to embark on a building or remodel project, that there will be frustration. For them it never seems to go fast enough. I know my parents are feeling that which I completely understand. I have to crack up at the latest chalk board post. (I think she meant to write "framers" "Ray" was our framer...get it...ha ha) because the carpenters are just getting ready to start. :-)
On a completely different note; it's time to plant your Paper White Bulbs! I LOVE these for sweet little holiday hostess and teacher gifts. If you plant them now, by the holidays they will be blooming and sweet smelling. You can put one or many in any kind of container, even a plain old jar with a pretty ribbon. Here's the tip. If you put them in small rocks they will only bloom once. If you plant them in dirt, you can use them again. Happy, Restful Sunday everyone!
MonforteNov12-07.jpg ChalkBoardNo12-07.jpg PaperWhiteBulbs.jpg