Little Love Notes That Make Me Smile!

by Mari Robeson in ,

It's so amazing to me that 3 men are able to build a house from scratch. Bo, Ray, and Spencer have been out here six days a weeks, sawing and hammering away...They are so talented! So here's the progress of Frank and Ethel's house today.
OK and how cute is this? In my guest room where my parents are staying I have a little chalkboard. I've always used it to write welcoming notes to my guests...but Mom and Dad have reinvented this little chalkboard. It has become a place for little love notes to one another. How darn cute is that after 56 years (I hope that's right) of marriage they still leave each other cute little notes. This has been going on for the past few months...I just had to share it...Yesterday (Mom) Ethel hurt her knee pretty bad so here's the note (Dad) Frank left her. Awwwwww....